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2BC Image Gallery Now On

Banner for 2BC Image Gallery

We got notice earlier this evening that the plugin is ready for the WordPress repository! After a few changes requested by (remember to make your function names, variables, filters, and other public facing elements unique, consider adding a prefix), the SVN repo was setup for us, and we checked in 2BC Image Gallery version 1.0.0.

If anyone has installed in the last few days via the download on the website, make sure to remove it and install via the repository instead. We fixed a few issues, and this will allow for the upgrade notices to start working so you know when the plugin has important updates to be applied.

One thing I learned is that WordPress 4.0 now supports a custom plugin icon, as well as a banner and screenshots in the assets folder. Sizes for the icon should be 128×128 and 256×256, and the image format should be in PNG or JPG format.

Screenshot of 2BC Image Gallery on