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2BC Software Spotlight – Notepad++

Logo for Notepad++

In the first of a series of post, we will be highlighting a useful piece of software we have tested. In today’s post, we will be covering: Notepad++.

I discovered Notepad++ when looking for a code editor, so the main feature that drew me to it was the syntax highlighting. However after using it for a while, I began to really enjoy using it. Simple, like notepad.exe, but incredibly powerful by recognizing regex search queries, spell-checker, comparison tool, and much more.

Notepad++ Features

  • Syntax highlighting for many different scripting/coding languages
  • Tabbed windows
  • Built-in spell-checker, converter, code finisher, moreā€¦
  • Hundreds of plugins to expand functionality

Screenshot of Notepad++ highlighting PHP syntax

Screenshot of Notepad++ syntax highlighting

Screenshot of Notepad++ Language Menu

Screenshot of the Notepad++ language menu

While there are better code editors out there, Notepad++ does a great job of working with many different sorts of files.