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2BC Form Security Adds Google reCAPTCHA To WordPress

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2BCoding is proud to announce the official launch of the 2BC Form Security WordPress plugin. 2BC Form Security adds Google reCAPTCHA to WordPress, as well as a honeypot field. It is possible to set the options to display the honeypot and CAPTCHA fields on the log in form, comment form, and registration form. This will increase security by stopping scripts from accessing your log in form, and reduce spam by stopping scripts and bots from registering accounts or leaving comments.New Google reCAPTCHA

But we’re not stopping here. Future expansion plans include integration with BuddyPress, bbPress, and Contact Form 7. We are also planning on adding a shortcode so that users can add the new Google reCAPTCHA V2 widget to their own custom forms.

2BC Form Security Adds Google reCAPTCHA to WordPressGet the latest version of the plugin by installing through the WordPress administration screen, or by visiting the 2BC Form Security plugin page on

It takes a few additional steps to activate the noCAPTCHA widget. For more information on setting up the plugin and running it, check the 2BC Form Security documentation section on installing the plugin.

We are currently looking for translators! If you are interested in providing a translation for this plugin in any language, we would be happy to give credit by adding a link to the plugin page. The translation file can be found in the plugin lang folder, called 2bc-form-security.pot. Please contact us at with any questions.

If you find this plugin useful, please consider writing a review!

2BC Image Gallery V2.0.0 Released

The brand new version of our 2BC Image Gallery (version 2.0.0) WordPress plugin has been released to the repository. The new version contains some big behind-the-scene changes, and a few new options for the display. Check the 2BC Image Gallery Demo page to see the new changes.

screenshot-2For details, see the readme.txt file. There will be a few visual changes after upgrading the plugin. The settings screen has been styled to make it easier to see the sections. There are also some new options for the Slideshow that have been added. This was a feature request that we thought was a great idea. Now when viewing a single image, there are Play / Pause, Forward, and Next buttons to help navigate through the images without having to go back to the gallery.

2bc_image_gallery_color_pickerIt is now also possible to set a custom background color for both the image thumbnails, and the modal window. Popular options seem to be black and white, however the color picker will allow you to set any web safe color! Simply click the Select Color button, and adjust the settings to get the perfect color to showcase your pictures.

Finally there were some adjustments to the styling to help with the mobile display. It should now appear smaller and more compact, which should allow more pictures to be displayed on each row. As always, the default styling can be removed to allow for custom CSS rules to be added through the theme.

The next series of updates will focus on making it easier to add tags to multiple images, as well as automatic tagging of images. We hope everyone is finding some use with this plugin! Please check back soon for future updates.

2BC Image Gallery Now On

Banner for 2BC Image Gallery

We got notice earlier this evening that the plugin is ready for the WordPress repository! After a few changes requested by (remember to make your function names, variables, filters, and other public facing elements unique, consider adding a prefix), the SVN repo was setup for us, and we checked in 2BC Image Gallery version 1.0.0.

If anyone has installed in the last few days via the download on the website, make sure to remove it and install via the repository instead. We fixed a few issues, and this will allow for the upgrade notices to start working so you know when the plugin has important updates to be applied.

One thing I learned is that WordPress 4.0 now supports a custom plugin icon, as well as a banner and screenshots in the assets folder. Sizes for the icon should be 128×128 and 256×256, and the image format should be in PNG or JPG format.

Screenshot of 2BC Image Gallery on

2BC Image Gallery Submission To WordPress

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In honoring our commitment to submitting all of our free plugins to the WordPress repository, we have submitted the 2BC Image Gallery to the WordPress repository today. This should make it easy to install and update the plugin as we move forward.

We’ll post an update once the plugin is approved, and we have checked the code in to the repository. I will also come back to update the download links to point to the current repository.

Currently, the only way to get the plugin is to download it from the 2BC Image Gallery page. Documentation is available at the 2BC Image Gallery Documentation page, while a working demo can be found on the 2BC Image Gallery Demo page.