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Donate to 2BCoding

Donate To 2BCoding

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Making a donation to a WordPress developer is an amazing and thoughtful thing to do! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

We love developing free tools for WordPress users and website developers alike. In addition to having an amazing user base (that would be you!), the platform is great to work with, and it continues to improve with every upgrade. But we’re normal people, and like everyone, we have bills to pay. Most of our time is currently spent working with design firms and individuals to create new WordPress sites or modify existing ones. We’re in the process of switching from client work to releasing our own family of tools.

In fact, we spend as much time as possible creating new content here on our website, as well as creating and publishing new tools for everyone to use. If you donate to 2bcoding, it would allow us to take a break from the contracted work and spend even more time adding features or publishing new tools, as well as adding helpful post, tools and guides to our websites.

We can only hope that our work is great enough to leave a good impression. If you like what you see, please tell your friends! Leave a review! There are many ways to express thanks.

And if you feel like making a donation to us, then once again, thank you!

– The 2BCoding team