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2BC Form Security

Requirements: WordPress 3.6, PHP 5.2+

Download current version: 2.0.1

2BC Form Security will stop spam bots and scripts from registering or leaving comments in your WordPress site, and improve security on the log in form



The 2BC Form Security WordPress plugin will increase security and reduce spam by using tools like the Google reCAPTCHA V2 widget (noCAPTCHA CAPTCHA) and a honeypot field. While simple, these can be very effective at keeping spam bots and scripts out of your site. 2BC Form Security has now also been updated to work with BuddyPress! Cut down on registration spam by installing, activating, and enabling for the registration form.


2BC Form Security will automatically activate a honeypot field in any of the locations marked in the settings. With a few minutes of setup, it can also display the Google reCAPTCHA v2 widget in the same locations.

The reason CAPTCHA and honeypots work is because spam bots and scripts have a hard time reading CSS and Javascript when they are trying to fill out a form. The honeypot is hidden from a normal user, but a bot will try to fill in the field with some information. If anything is detected in a honeypot field, 2BC Form Security will return an error and prevent the action from happening.

New Google reCAPTCHAGoogle reCAPTCHA has historically been difficult because Google used warped pictures that were hard for bots AND humans to fill out. Now it has been condensed into a Javascript widget. This is the first level of defense: bots have a hard time detecting or clicking Javascript elements in a web page. However humans have a very easy time, they simply have to click.

Eventually spam bots will figure out a way around this. The Google CAPTCHA team has many additional layers of defense, and have already prepared extra questions. Some of the new challenges will be incredibly hard for a bot to work out, but are still easy on humans and actually fun to complete!

In addition to adding the honeypot and Google reCAPTCHA tools, 2BC Form Security has the following features:

  • Statistics page in the admin section – make sure to enable this on the options page
  • Optional login error rewrite – prevents hackers from figuring out valid user names
  • Mark failed comments as Spam, or put into the Moderation Queue
  • Dashboard widget
  • Style the Google reCAPTCHA widget in either of the current themes: Light or Dark


The 2BC Form Security documentation page contains an explanation of all the settings, as well as how to setup and run the plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I see if the honeypot and CAPTCHA fields are working
  • Edit the options screen and click Enable Reporting to see a summary of what fields are working and where

2BC Form Security Screenshots

2BC Form Security recaptcha widget on login screen
Google reCAPTCHA V2 on the WordPress log in form
2BC Form Security Google reCAPTCHA V2 on the twentyfifteen comment form
Google reCAPTCHA V2 on the twentyfifteen comment form
2BC Form Security options screen
2BC Form Security options page
2BC Form Security dashboard widget
2BC Form Security Dashboard widget

Future Updates

We have plans to integrate this plugin with several popular WordPress packages, including:

Stay tuned to the 2BC Blog to hear about future updates!