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2BC Image Gallery Demo

The 2BC Image Gallery Demo page is designed to show the different possible ways to display galleries. The first gallery is displayed by setting this page as the Gallery Page in the 2BC Image Gallery settings. Since I wanted more text to come after the gallery, I have set the options to be Replace

template tag, and inserted the template tag into the page content.

2BC Image Gallery Demo Shortcode

The rest of the galleries are provided via the shortcode, with different arguments. Please note that AJAX must be enabled to display multiple galleries on a page!

Display All Galleries

Display all galleries, with no separated sections:

[2bc_image_gallery separate_galleries="0"]

Display Specified Galleries

Display the Close Up (id = 6) and December (id = 27) galleries:

[2bc_image_gallery galleries="6,27" separate_galleries="0"]

Filter Galleries By Other Galleries

Display the December (id = 27) gallery, but only display images that are also in the 2013 (id = 26) gallery:

[2bc_image_gallery galleries="27" parents="26" separate_galleries="0"]

Display the images from the Landscapes (id = 11) gallery. Note: we need to hide the Back To Galleries button in this case, since we didn’t start on a gallery page:

[2bc_image_gallery display_gallery="11" back_button="0"]

All of the options are explained in the 2BC Image Gallery documentation page. There are also several code examples to help get the galleries to display differently as well as adjust the plugin options.

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