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3 Rivers Marine

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Why 3RM?

3 Rivers Marine began with an ambitious idea: products and services by fishermen for fishermen would serve the Northwest in an incredible way. Genuinely knowing fishing would define the way of life at 3 Rivers Marine, creating an infrastructure for resources and service unlike anything the Northwest had seen before. Fifteen years later, 3 Rivers Marine is the Northwest’s best one-stop-shop for marine services, advice, parts, boats, motors, and fishing tackle.

The Difference

Many boat dealers appear to understand customers’ fishing needs. With a few boat models in stock, these dealers often sell fisherman nice-looking one-size-fits-all models. Over time, many boat owners are disappointed to find that they don’t have the right boat for their needs.

On the other hand, 3 Rivers Marine’s Fishing Marine Professionals have firsthand experience with the ins and outs of what customers will encounter. After listening to customers’ needs, they provide insight into 13 model options of fishing boats from brands such as Alumaweld, North River, and Duckworth. Our customers are personally taken care of, and will enjoy years of satisfaction with their purchase.