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2BC Form Security Adds Google reCAPTCHA To WordPress

Banner for 2BC Form Security WordPress plugin

2BCoding is proud to announce the official launch of the 2BC Form Security WordPress plugin. 2BC Form Security adds Google reCAPTCHA to WordPress, as well as a honeypot field. It is possible to set the options to display the honeypot and CAPTCHA fields on the log in form, comment form, and registration form. This will […]

2BC Image Gallery Now On

Banner for 2BC Image Gallery

We got notice earlier this evening that the plugin is ready for the WordPress repository! After a few changes requested by (remember to make your function names, variables, filters, and other public facing elements unique, consider adding a prefix), the SVN repo was setup for us, and we checked in 2BC Image Gallery version […]

2BC Image Gallery Submission To WordPress

Banner for 2BC Image Gallery

In honoring our commitment to submitting all of our free plugins to the WordPress repository, we have submitted the 2BC Image Gallery to the WordPress repository today. This should make it easy to install and update the plugin as we move forward. We’ll post an update once the plugin is approved, and we have checked […]

Hello world! – Launch of

Blast off of Shuttle Discovery

Welcome to! We’ve been working hard over the past few months to get everything ready for our website launch, and it’s great to see everything finally coming together. The main purpose behind is to provide a place to document our 2BC WordPress plugins and themes. But we also want to try and provide […]